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S.A.L.T. Workbook Series

"Seven Areas of Life Training® (SALT) is a discipleship series designed to teach people God’s plan in the seven areas of life: spiritual, psychological, social, physical, financial, marital, and parental."  As defined by VCLI, the makers of the S.A.L.T. series of Christian educational materials, which include workbooks and training.

Original work started by Dr. Charles Solomon - Christ-centered counseling  

If you are someone who is looking for biblical marriage or financial counseling, I recommend booking with VCLI directly for such help. They are based in Arizona for both in-person and online services.

I do not provide couples' marriage or financial counseling/discipleship. Nor do I counsel men.

When booking any discipleship coaching session(s) with me, Coach Luna, through She Speaks Wisely Ministries

the S.A.L.T. workbooks are part of the tools used within the coaching session(s).

What is Biblical Discipleship/Counseling?
Termed as Discipleship Coaching within She Speaks Wisely Minisitries, LLC
I am a trained, degreed Biblical Counselor in the S.A.L.T. Coaching Method.

Biblical life coaching/counseling for women aged 20 & up. 

  • Faith foundations 

  • Re-establishing your faith in Jesus.

  • How to navigate life God's way.

  • New believer mentoring

  • Restorative after going through hardships, leaving legalism, and being affected by spiritual abuse.

Biblical Counseling is rooted in the Holy Bible, God's Word. All that is discussed during a coaching session is processed through a biblical context. A Biblical coach/counselor is not a Pastor or therapist and does not function as one. See the disclaimer and professional disclaimer for more detailed information. 

A typical biblical discipleship coaching session opens and closes in prayer to God. The main tools used during a session are conversation, listening, prayer, discernment, the Holy Bible, study materials, and the Holy Spirit to help guide personal self-learning and development through a biblical lens in context. All homework, reading materials, or soul-researching information given to the client is rooted in Christian historical biblical truths from the Holy Bible.


Biblical discipleship coaching is helpful in all areas of the Christian life, whether the goal is to improve a biblical understanding of God and the Bible, free oneself from legalism and spiritual abuse, or deepen a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Coaching encourages self-discovery and growth through learning vs. telling. Biblical Counseling is a lay persons ministry and is not a licensed profession. See the disclaimer and professional disclaimer for more detailed information. 

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to discover for yourself.

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