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Professional Disclaimer:

Please note the following:

I have a bachelor's degree in Biblical Counseling, along with many extended Bible certifications in trauma, spiritual abuse, and exegetical study training. Before going into full-time women's ministry and getting my degree in biblical counseling, I was,
am now retired, a Nurse/medical professional for 25 years and was also trained as a Certified Nutrition/Health/Life Coach. I have personal experience with trauma, legalism, and spiritual abuse.

Because of this, I am passionate about understanding Scripture and who God is in the proper context. We read the Bible to learn more about God and as part of connecting in a personal relationship with Him. God wants us to be in a relationship with all who believe in Him. When we only know God's Word through topical teaching, a lukewarm understanding, or legalistic teaching, works & perfection instead of a grace & free gift of salvation approach, it leads to the misuse of the Bible and who God is. 

Through She Speaks Wisely Ministries, LLC, I offer biblical tutoring, discipleship coaching, and Bible education. I am not a licensed therapist, psychotherapist, or mental healthcare provider. I do not diagnose, offer advice, prescribe, bill insurance, or provide any licensed therapist's services. Biblical counseling and Bible tutoring are not licensed professions. However, many in this field of service, including myself, have formal training. Please note that I do not work with men or couples as clients. I only tutor and disciple women aged 20 and up. 

I provide biblical Christian life education in a tutoring, discipleship coaching, mentoring, and self-discovery format to help women anchor their mind, body, and soul in the biblical truths of the Bible and God. She Speaks Wisely Ministries, LLC, is for educational purposes only.

Bible tutoring and discipleship coaching give women easy-to-use tools and skills to increase their ability to read and understand the Bible in context and speak wisely about the Bible and their faith in Jesus. Whether you are new to reading your Bible, a season Christian, or somewhere in between, Bible tutoring can help you deepen your understanding of God's Word, who He is, and how to apply the truths to your Christian walk with Him. 

For deep insight into the role of women in ministry, check out Pastor Mike Winger's series on YouTube. 
Click Here. I encourage you to support his ministry by subscribing to his channel. Please note that this ministry uses hyperlinks throughout this website and it's social media platforms that direct you to various Christian educators and informational biblical ministries. I do not receive any compensation for recommending their content. The people and ministries behind these hyperlinks express biblical information so well that I do not need to create additional content on these subjects when these experts are available. Please consider subscribing and supporting these wonderful biblical ministries so that the truths of God and the Bible can reach more people. Click here for more recommendations. 
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