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Welcome new friend!

Do you live in Arizona?
Are you looking for Christian women friends?

We are a non-denominational fellowship group of
Christian women that meet in person to fellowship together

in the West Valley in Arizona.  
Would you like to join us? 
Are you looking for like-minded Christian women friends?

Coffee Cups

Yes! I want to join the local AZ women's Christian community.

Let's Meet Over a Cup:

Let's meet at a local coffee shop in the West Valley of AZ

in the area of Goodyear and get to know each other.

Yippee! We would love to welcome you to fellowship with the other amazing women in this group. 

Let's meet at a local coffee shop in the West Valley of AZ to see if we are a good fit.

Because who doesn't love to chat over a cup of something? 

Connect with us by:

  • Call us.

    • Please leave us a message at 602-633-4126 with your name, contact number, and the best time to call you, and Luna will return your call within 1-2  business days to set up a meeting.

Why we meet for coffee first before welcoming you into the group:

  • We meet in person to make an authentic connection to see that you are who you say you are. We are protective of our group and members. We strive to keep a safe environment for our members. 

  • To give you a warm welcome, see each other's smiling faces and put a face to the name.

  • So we can answer any questions you have. Hear about why you would like to join Glory Women Fellowship.

  • We want to make sure our women's fellowship is the right fit for what you are looking for. 

  • Meeting in person with a few of us first reduces the overwhelm of meeting several ladies at once.

  • Please note we, the Glory Women Fellowship team, reserve the right to decline membership and deny access to our group. 

Some things to consider before joining the Glory Women Fellowship:

  • Our group is comprised of women of all ages from various churches and backgrounds, all of whom are believers who follow Jesus Christ and believe the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ. 

  • We are Christian women who strongly desire to grow in the Lord through Bible study, friendship, social and faith-building activities. This is at the heart of what we do and what we are founded on. All glory to God, not ourselves. We are followers of Jesus and believe in the Holy Bible. 

  • We are not a church, nor do we replace it. We host and offer a core set of main groups throughout the year: Bible Study, Book Clubs, and social activities.

  • We study the Bible as it is, in an expository style. 

  • We are a sisterhood based on authentic friendship as sisters in Christ. Because of this, we do not give, create or hand out members' information or a contact list. We believe it is up to each lady to reach out to one another and build an honest friendship. Everyone is in charge of their personal information/data and how it is used.

  • No marketing within the group whatsoever. No sales, and no promotions, at all, during fellowship time or events. We maintain a space of true fellowship time. Nothing is worse than being hassled to buy or sign up for something when you just want to relax and make new friends. We want to fellowship with you, not your business. 

  • No politics of any kind during fellowship group time or events beyond what is needed for general discussion. Doing so distracts and can stir up emotions. Our intent is to leave the world out of our time together. 1 John 2:15-17, Romans 12:1-2, John 18:36

  • We are happy to help mentor anyone who would like to start their own fellowship group or grow their own women's ministry. We have a group for that. As a Fellowship, we have strict rules about members using Glory Women Fellowship as a personal member recruiting pool for their church, personal ministry, or business. You will be first given a warning and then asked to leave and be removed from group fellowship access if this happens. 

"so in Christ we, though many,
form one body, and each member
belongs to all the others." Romans 12:5 NIV
Coffee Cups

A Christ-centered, Bible-based fellowship for women. 

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