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What is Bible Tutoring?

Have you ever been in a situation...

  • Where you felt out of place, like a rookie, in a Bible study?

  • Are you wanting to not only read the Bible but study it?

  • Do you struggle to find things in your Bible while following along in church?

  • Found yourself completely lost as to what was being taught in the Bible.

  • Are new to reading the Bible

  • Had no idea what all the Bible/theology terminologies meant?

  • Afraid to speak up, join the discussion, or answer any questions in the Bible study group or at church?

  • Stopped attending Bible study because you felt that everyone else was more knowledgeable than you about the Bible?

  • Have you been a victim of legalism or spiritual abuse?

  • Has the Bible, God's Word, been used as a spiritual weapon against you?

The above is just a small list of the reasons I hear why women struggle to read their Bibles and participate in Bible study discussions. Instead, they lean into feel-good Christian books & devotionals, Youtube channels, or the latest speaker to tell them what the Bible says or for guidance. How does a person know if what they are reading or hearing in those books, videos, or speakers is truly the Word of God and what the Bible actually says or means if they have not read the Bible for themselves or learned the Scripture in context? 

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Reading Bible_edited.jpg

Bible Tutoring gives women the tools and skills they need to open their Bible and begin reading it with confidence.  

  • Be able to read and understand the Bible.

  • Learn to break down Scripture to understand its context.

  • Learn how to study it verse by verse, chapter by chapter.

  • Have confidence when attending group Bible studies.

  • Learn basic Bible terminologies

  • What Bible translation is best for you? 

  • Exegesis vs Eisegesis. What's the difference? Why is that important?

  • Learn how to study the Bible for yourself without using a study guide.

Studying the Bible:

  • Strengthens discernment.

  • Draws you near to God. 

  • Helps you to identify false teachings and doctrine.

  • Transforms your heart to the things of God.

  • Helps you to hear God's voice and discern His will for you.

  • Connects a Believer to the Holy Spirit, who is the one that illuminates Scripture.

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